Saturday, November 5, 2011

We Can Make It Happen.

Dear Friends,

  Many of us are very fortunate to get enough food to eat, good shelter to stay and a nice family to live with. But we can see so many unfortunate people in the society who are leading a very sad life. We might not be able to bring a major change in the society overnight and might not be able to help all of them. At least we need to initiate the change and have to try our best to Make It Happen. As an individual, you might be able to do much. But, as a Team, we can achieve any thing.

   I am very sure that many of us saw so many photos and videos about these poor & orphan people and felt very pity about them and try to help them in someway. But most of the times, we might not be able to do any thing as an individual.

   We need not to take care of all the problems that we aware. At least, we can think about the problem that we see on regular basis like, the government schools with poor structure, old age homes that we know, the orphan homes that we heard about in our city, the slum areas with poor living conditions etc.,

    We can consider any of the problem that we aware of and can we work as a TEAM to address   that problem.  In this regard, we can build a website to motivate, co-ordinate such needs.

  HOW IT WORKS ????????

    Any of us can Initiate a good cause ( also called as Task ) that they aware of and can take the ownership. The Initiator will be the owner of the task and will co-ordinate all the activities ( explain the cause,collecting money, plan the spending of money, taking inputs from the other contributors, spending the money accordingly etc., ) that need to be performed to complete the task successfully.

   When the Task owner initiates a task, he will create a facebook group for the respective task and will communicate the details to the potential contributors for that task. If any one would like to contribute or interested towards that cause (task), he can become the member of the facebook group that has been created for the task. The task owner will communicate the progress on the task to all the member of that facebook group.

   A website will be created to keep a repository of all such Tasks and to keep track of their progress. When a task has been created, the task owner will provide the details about the cause /task ( including the respective  facebook group ID details) which will be posted in our website. Once the task has been completed, the success story also will be updated in our website. In the meantime, if any one would like to know the progress of the task, they can visit the corresponding facebook group to know more updates about the progress.

 WHO CAN INITIATE A TASK  and POST it in our website ??
                    Any person who is a member of our website can initiate a task and become responsible for implementing the task. By allowing the member alone to post the things on our website, we can make sure that only genuine causes/tasks are being posted to minimize the fraud.

  WHAT we can achieve with this ??
                    As a Team, we can achieve lot of things, which we might not be able to do it as an individual. with this, we are contributing towards a good cause and also letting others to contribute.

   Earlier, this has been discussed in our facebook group and this is a continuation for the same.

   Our friends Satya and Srinivas Readdy are very kind to build the website for us. Today, we disucssed about the possibility of this approach and we would like to seek your suggestions, comments and guidance to make this happen....

   Friends,Please, Lets Make It Happen to bring a change in our society by helping the poor and the need.

   Please suggest some suitable good name for our website and also pleae make some suggestions to implement this successfully.

   Awaiting your suggestions, comments, feedback........

With Reagards........

Srinivas Reddy
Satya Bhaskaruni
Swamy Boggarapu.